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When the BCLP first started, Cindy Watson donated materials worth $1,500, and $450 over two years from the Stokes United Fund made our first tutor trainings possible and funded more books. Thank you!

Others have donated valuable time and talents. Janis Henderson-Hunsucker designs and updates our website, consults with us on artistic matters and directs the board. Sherry Stewart, CPA, compiled the paperwork necessary to apply for non-profit status through the IRS and audits our accounts. Charlotte Offerdahl, attorney, advises us on legal issues, and Rebecca Dresser has worked tirelessly on our newsletter and brochure, even making printing arrangements.

Donations have also made an impact, for those who benefit from our supply of teaching materials and to our hearts - still touched by Karen Payne's decision to ask that donations be made, in lieu of flowers, to the BCLP in honor of her son, Anthony Payne, who passed away last summer. Her friends and relatives sent us about $700.

Others have donated generously as well: Joy and Wayne Lewis (who give $25 per month), and the Shoals Ruritans, which gave $200 after Joy Lewis presented our cause to them.

Our 24 tutors donate many hours of their time to training and teaching. They are diligent and dedicated and make a world of difference to individuals, families and our communities - without any fanfare at all.

Thank you all for your kind faith and generosity.


applie foundation grantPictured here are the BCLP director with three Apple Foundation representations: (L-R): S. Jack Webster, Jr., Ben Vernon, Mary Lee, and J. Michael Cumberland.

reynolds foundation grant(L-R): Jessie Tucker Mitchell, John Hartman, Mary Lee, R. J. Reynolds representative Raymond Goolsby, Charlotte Offerdahl, and tutor Rebecca Dresser met in January 2006, when the Reynolds Foundation presented the BCLP with a donation of $5,000.


stokes family resource guide

Please look for our entry in the Stokes Family Resource Guide. Now available for download - The Stokes Family Resource Guide from Stokes Partnership for Children

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