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Volunteer Information - FAQ

Q: Do you have an orientation to the program and the opportunities available for volunteers?
A:Tutor training is either one-on-one or in large groups. A BCLP member can meet you at a place of your conveinence, the local library, church or home.

Q:What kind of preparation will you be able to provide me to help me do a good job?
During one-on-one training we discuss the kinds of assessments we do with our clients and how we help meet their individual needs. No two clients are alike.

Q:Will there be someone I can call on when I need help and who will give me feedback on how well I'm doing or where I could improve?
Help is only phone call away. From experience, the client is the best judge of progress, learning to read does not happen overnight -- it is meeting the small milestones that is beautiful.

Q:Are there costs that I should know about (materials, training, travel, etc)?
A: All materials, mainly books, are free. We are fortunate enough to have received grant funding from several sources. The only expense you will incur will be the gas it takes to get from your home or place of work, to the tutorial site. BCLP works with tutors and clients to find a meeting spot conveinent to both parties.


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